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How to Keep the Motorcycle Fairing in Perfect Condition

Given that the fairing of the motorcycle is in permanent contact with the outside, it is possible that it will be damaged sooner than expected, for this reason it is important to take the necessary precautions to keep it in the best condition, for as long as possible, in addition to We recommend that you include self-damage coverage in your motorcycle insurance to keep your motorcycle always looking new in the face of cosmetic damage.

Although it is true that you will not be able to avoid a fall, or collide with an external element, you will be able to clean and protect the fairing.

In fact, cleaning the fairing of the motorcycle is very simple, since the only thing you will need is water, a sponge and soap. There are also specific products that allow a more thorough cleaning.

To clean the fairing of a motorcycle, we recommend that you previously wet the entire motorcycle with hot water, using a hose to do so. Once wet, the soap or cleaning product must be carefully applied all over the motorcycle, using a sponge. Let the soap or product act for a couple of minutes, and rinse again with water.

Once the motorcycle is clean, and once it is dry, if you want to give it a shinier touch, you can choose to apply a wax and shine product, if possible, that is natural and has a formula that allows it to repel water.

As you can see, the fairing is of great importance, especially on competition bikes, as well as those designed for long road trips. Now you know what it is and what the function of a motorcycle fairing is, we hope it has helped you to learn a little better about the exciting world of two wheels.