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The Fairings Help Fight Air Resistance

As we said before, at the beginning of motorcycle manufacturing, it was always thought of improving the performance of the engines and the weight of the parts as the only variables to increase speed, however, there came a time when, no matter how much it was reduced, the weight did not improve the performance and therefore the speed. At that moment they realized that there was a new variable that had not been taken into account until then, air resistance.

It was in this way that the idea arose of covering the different elements of the motorcycle with a bodywork or motorcycle fairings that would help reduce air friction. Over time we know that the fairing fulfills the function of improving the aerodynamics of motorcycles, which becomes very evident when seeing competition motorcycles such as MotoGP or large road motorcycles widely used for long trips.
Protects the parts and the rider

In addition to improving aerodynamics, we cannot ignore the fact that the fairing covers the most important parts of the motorcycle, so it protects both the parts and the rider himself from any stone that is thrown while driving. Depending on the type of terrain or object, an impact like this can cause a motorcycle accident and be very dangerous.